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zensolThermography Circuit Breaker and On-line Tap Changer Test Equipment by ZENSOL


On-Load Tap Changer Analyzer
Zensol introduces a new instrument, the TAP-4 totally dedicated to Vibro-Acoustic measurements on On-Load Tap Changers. Faults associated to On-Load Tap Changers are at the origin of up to 40% of the transformer failures. This new instrument allows the maintenance crew to detect most of common OLTC malfunctions as contact wear, arcing in diverter, arcing in selector, synchronism problem, drive mechanism problem, break failure etc. The TAP-4 technology has been validated on many types of transformers including:

  • MR Reinhausen
  • ABB
  • Ferranti
  • Federal Pioneer

It can be applied on any equivalent. The Tap-4 is used in conjunction with accelerometers (3 maximum) and a current sensor clamp. Its High Sampling Frequency of at least 100 KHz allows to record a large variety of mechanical and arcing problems. The Tap-4 comes with powerful and user-friendly software, OpenZen-TAP, to record and analyze the OLTC events. The software integrates many calculation and graphic functions to be able to build tests references and tests recordings for comparison analysis

Main advantages

  • Testing time is short because the transformer is On-Line
  • Easy installation of accelerometers and current sensors
  • Could be used as a diagnostic tool to select through a large number of transformers which ones will be candidates for a complete inspection
  • Easy detection of mechanical OLTC problems
  • Robust, Light and Portable
  • For use in High Voltage environment
  • Can be used on any type of transformers


HV Circuit Breaker Vibration Analyzer
Zensol is the first to introduce a new instrument, the CBV, totally dedicated to vibration measurements on HV circuit breakers. This new instrument will allow the maintenance crew to detect mechanical anomalies in the circuit-breaker drive mechanisms and other moving parts in the interrupting chamber that should be inspected and overhauled. The CBV is used in conjunction with accelerometers. Its high sampling frequency of at least 150 kHz allows catching a large variety of mechanical anomalies. The CBV comes with powerful and user-friendly software: OpenZen – CBV for analyzing the defect severity and plan further maintenance actions. It integrates many calculation functions including: noise suppression, amplitude and time deviations between measured and reference signals, frequency spectrogram depicting relevant frequencies.

Main advantages

  • Easy detection of mechanical anomalies
  • Extensive calculation functions including noise suppression, amplitude, etc.
  • Possibility to create test plans
  • Control over the close and open commands of the circuit breaker
  • Robust and portable
  • For use in High Voltage environment
  • Can be used on any type of breakers
  • Easy installation


CBA-32P Analyzer (30 contacts)
The CBA-32P is a 30 contact circuit breaker analyzer designed to perform timing & motion analysis on all types of circuit breakers typically installed in electrical substations. The breakers may be at the distribution level or at very high voltage, up to 800 kV. It is driven by the proprietary CBA Win© software software included with the instrument.

Main advantages

  • Can be used up to 800 kV
  • Eliminates the limit of 8 contacts per phase
  • Allows the measurement of up to 10 contacts per phase (for example PK-10)
  • Small, light
  • Robust and shielded construction
  • Allows the operator to use the 6 analog inputs of the CBA-32P as 6 extra contact inputs


Circuit Breaker and Control Cabinet Simulator
Improve your expertise on circuit breaker analyzers and verify their functionality before going on the field!

The SIM-CB6 enables you to simulate any type of circuit breaker (SF6, Air Blast, Oil, etc…) up to 6 contacts (2 contacts per phase), with or without closing/opening resistor contacts, and control cabinets.

The SIM-CB6 comes with a user-friendly software, Sim-Win, that allows to modify timing and motion parameters easily, such as:

  • opening and closing time of the main, resistive and auxiliary contacts;
  • different real contact displacement curves.

The SIM-CB6 maintains the competency of the operators on circuit breaker analyzer systems. Before going on the field, one can get familiar with any circuit breaker analyzer, such as our CBA-32P, and verify its functionality by using the SIM-CB6.

The SIM-CB6 is used by major utilities, like Hydro-Québec and Manitoba-Hydro, where it is considered as an essential tool for maintenance training.

Main advantages

  • Compact
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy to use, a special and supplementary training is not required.
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