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TX Monitoring


Advanced Monitoring for Power Transformers

TOTUS DGA from Camlin Power represents the next generation of monitoring for power transformers. TOTUS DGA incorporates the robust design, performance and field quality that allow Asset Managers to more confidently manage and extend the life of their critical assets.

TOTUS DGA Features

  • Photo-acoustic Spectroscopy for 9-gas DGA
  • Embedded webserver and web-based software
  • Fully incorporated touch LCD screen
  • On-site analysis and graphing
  • Extensive comms and I/O options for modern asset owner
  • Data-hub for third party monitors
INTEGOTM - On-Line Transformer Partial Discharge and Bushing Monitoring

For the first time Asset Managers can now receive truly dependable transformer PD and bushing health information enabling increasingly early and reliable detection of developing transformer conditions.

  • Effective noise rejection designed specifically for power transformers
  • Rugged and secure tapping point connections
  • Embedded webserver & web-based software
  • Simple, accessible and easy to use
  • Fully integrated intelligence and database
Bushing Monitoring Key Features

intego equipment

  • Monitor the on-going health of transformer bushings
  • Highly stable relative Tan Delta measurement
  • Excellent low level signal detection and accuracy
Partial Discharge Key Features
  • Monitors PD activity in main tank and bushings
  • Automatic & dependable noise rejection
  • Genuine continuous 24/7 monitoring
  • Simple installation and commissioning
  • Results in both mV and nC
  • UHF antennae option for RF PD detection
User Friendly & Intuitive Information
  • Innovative ‘Camlin Triangle’ display of PD activity
  • Simple and easy to understand PD Status Legend
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