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High Voltage Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic measurements via non-destructive technology are essential in asset management.

HV plant can be audited to ensure power network reliability:

  • MV & HV Plant Commissioning Quality Assurance
  • Ageing population problem
  • To provide reliable life extension
  • To focus plant repairs and target replacements
  • To avoid unplanned outages
  • Increasing failure rates with a particular plant type
  • Troubleshooting and failure investigations
  • Safety (mostly with cable terminations & sealing ends/outdoor HV plant)
  • To monitor the status of newly installed equipment against its warranty
  • To monitor the status and quality of repair works.

high voltage

Condition based diagnostic monitoring will be able to measure the severity of insulation defects in HV Plant thus will reduce duration and frequency of unplanned outages.

Diagnostic information is valuable:

  • to generate health index and severity guidelines
  • to plan and deferred maintenance and replacement works until necessary
  • to reduce unnecessary repairs
  • to prolong equipment lifetime
  • to promote safety

Our expert services include:

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