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Thermography - ONLINE

Non contact, non destructive online method detection on invisible infrared thermal radiation of objects. Any thermal anomaly may result in failures. Anomaly is based on detection of temperature difference of standard guide, phase to phase temperature differences and operating temperature signatures.

Insulation Power Factor (Dielectric dissipation factor / Tan Delta Measurement) - OFFLINE

Measurement of the dissipation power factor is to evaluate the condition of the insulation system. Current leakage through the insulation is measured and the dissipation power factor calculated as the ratio of the watts-loss to the apparent power input.

Online Partial Discharge (Sealing ends) - ONLINE

Partial discharge occurs in an insulation system when a breakdown of the insulation medium causes a redistribution of charge within the system. The high frequency method of detecting partial discharge offers good sensitivity and permits the site of the source to be located. The online technique has the advantage as it can measure PD at operating voltage, loading and 50Hz frequency, and it is a non destructive test, NDT. With measurements trend analysis, severity can be monitored and acts as early warning system.

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